Seabase Climbs Galibier

Beautiful footage of Patrick Seabase on his track bike ascent of Col. du Galibier. Aside from the fixed gear shredding, my favorite thing about this flick is the sound design and scoring; almost haunting. We’re lucky our weather is much nicer right now so get out today and start mashing. Go climb a bridge or something.

from Tracko

Southern Safari Rolls Through the Red Stick


I saw this teaser pic on PiNP this morning and knew I recognized the spot. With a little help from Google StreetView I was able to confirm this was exactly where I thought it was – outside the Camelot Club in downtown Baton Rouge, on the corner of 5th and Florida. I’ve been kicked out this spot on my MTB before and can vouch, that thing is steep and the transition is not gentle. Baton Rouge has an awesome skate park, BMX track, and velodrome clustered together in a nice park. I can’t wait to see what spots in BR and New Orleans get thrashed in this upcoming fixed gear freestyle video.

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 1.44.47 PM

Rouge Roubaix Instagram Roundup

Spring Classics in the South

Some of the Semi-Tough Cycling Club are heading up to St. Francisville for the 2013 Rouge Roubaix. Your humble blogger (Boedi) will be entering his first USAC sanctioned race as a Cat 5. Your other humble blogger (Rich) will be there supporting with beer hand-ups and salty words of encouragement. Oh, and hopefully he’ll snap a few good pics for this blog. Look for a re-cap next week. In the mean time, check out this helmet-cam video from the 2011 race.

Some photos from a recon-ride we did a few weeks back. Photos by Skip Town.

Photo by Skip Town

Photo by Skip Town

Early To Bed, Early To Shred: NOMAMBO Dawn Patrol


For those unfamiliar , NOMAMBO (New Orleans Metropolitan Area Mountain Bike Association) is the Nola bike community’s premiere MTB club, as well as its longest acronym. These are the guys to thank for maintaining the Spillway trails and organizing many events. As we approach summer and temps rise, morning riding becomes a continually more attractive option. If you’re a morning person, or just trying to eat dirt for breakfast, NOMAMBO is hosting a 7 AM ride on Saturday March 9, 2013. Loving it and want more? Their next group meeting is Wednesday March 13, at Rotolo’s in Metairie. Probably a good time to pay dues, if you haven’t already.

For more info, peep, or NOMAMBO’s Facebook. Their Facebook cover photo is a well updated and reliable indicator of whether the trails are open or closed. Save yourself some time before you take that drive.

Great Advances in Bike Theft Reporting + Whining About Rude Motorists!


A couple summers ago some guys tried to jump me for my bike on Jeff Davis. Several months later that bike got stolen from a public rack. Sure I told friends about these things, and posted a stolen bike notice on the Facebooks, maybe even Craigslist. And of course, nothing came of any of it. So few people actually see those types of posts that they are almost useless. has a solution to this though, with an interactive incident and stolen bike map (Ironically enough, discovered on Craigslist this morning). Definitely worth checking out, as is this tasty “Best Of” nugget pulled from the incidents, after the jump. Continue reading “Great Advances in Bike Theft Reporting + Whining About Rude Motorists!”

Spring Brake Yrself 2013 Alleycat


We are excited to announce that Yeah You Ride will be hosting the first alleycat of 2013, “Spring Brake Yrself”! Proceeds will benefit Plan B Community Bike Shop.  Mark your calendar for April 20th and start studying your road map. We’re shaking things up with some different locations, challenges, and rules. While we won’t tell you yet what tricks we have up our sleeve, expect to be pleasantly surprised. Registration is open from 3:30 to 4:15 at Lee Circle and costs $10, including raffle entry. The race starts at 4:20 sharp. Continue reading “Spring Brake Yrself 2013 Alleycat”