From day 1, we’ve strived to bring solidarity to the cycling scene in New Orleans by showcasing all it has to offer, getting down with riders and rides in all circles, plus creating our own events and races to bring people together. Where radness happens, we will document it. Where it does not, we will create it.

Got something to say? Feel free to drop us a line at yeahyouride@gmail.com

Yeah You Ride is the brainchile of Rich Carman and Micheal Boedigheimer.










We are ever thankful to our frequent contributors:

Rhea_Aldridge_headshot_cropRHEA ALDRIDGEThere must be something about her post race delirium and dehydration that makes Rhea’s photos exciting. She’s a photographer and cyclist that hears cowbells ringing in her sleep. When she’s not on her bike or behind the lens, she’s scoping out anything in pie form.


7 Replies to “About”

    1. Thanks, Townsend. I am going to do some work on the calendar today and throughout the week, consolidating STCC schedule, BikeEasy’s calendar, NOMAMBO races, etc. to get a comprehensive bulletin going. Should be good to go by the time you finish the RR this weekend. Thanks in advance for the bump. I look forward to riding with STCC once I get off injured reserve and/or meeting you this weekend if I can come cover RR for the website.

      Rich Carman

  1. Hey! I ride my bike so much I am recovering from a cyst on my left ball! I was off the thing for 6 months! I did delivery and courier for so many fucking places here in Nola! Yes ! Let me repeat that….. A cyst on my left nut! I’m out of shape. Gained weight. And slowly getting back on. Please email me with any events. Would love to canyon bomb with you! Keep it up and contact me. Thanks.

  2. Visiting NOLA later this week with two other old slow Californian roadies. Are guests welcome at the Semi-Tough Sat morning ride?

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