West to East: PiNP+MW+F5 Tour

I’ve been closely following John Watson (Prolly is Not Probably) and the Mission Workshop crew as they make their way through China with the help of Factory 5. Check out the PiNP site plus @johnprolly and @missionworkshop on Instagram, with the hashtag #mwpinpasia. They are shooting some fantastic video and stills. I really love this picture of my buddy Jeff from yesterday’s episode of hill crushing in the bamboo forests.


Red Hook Criterium

Three time RHC winner, Dan Chabanov. Photo by John Watson
Three time RHC winner, Dan Chabanov. Photo by John Watson

The Red Hook Crit is tomorrow and I wish I was going to be there just to spectate (No way could Yeah You Ride even hang with those folks!) What started as a small event between a handful of friends to celebrate race director David Trimble’s birthday, has become the premier fixed gear criterium in the world. Hypebeast did a great video on the event and its history, so check it out and get familiar.

What does this have to do with New Orleans cycling, you ask? Well, Yeah You Ride likes the idea of events like these and hopes to put on something similar in the near future (at a much, much smaller scale!). Do we have any track bike cyclists out there who want to race?! Hell, maybe it will be open to whatever you can pedal. Also, the night before the Rouge Roubaix, I happened to meet David Trimble’s sister outside a restaurant in Baton Rouge. I was wearing my Red Hook Crit cycling cap and she was amazed to see it so far from Brooklyn. The world is a small place and cycling makes just a tad bit smaller and I’m OK with that.

Get spinning

-Yeah You Ride

Strava Graffiti

Last week during my post-ride Strava data check, I happened to see this on my feed:


I was a bit perplexed by this odd looking ride (and more perplexed by it’s name) done by fellow NOLA cyclist Matt Erchull. After cocking my head, I realized it read, “WeMoRi”, standing for “Wednesday Morning Ride”. I’ve never been on this ride, but I hear it’s very early and very fast. (Sounds like it needs a Yeah You Ride “Ride Profile”, I just hope I can keep up). This is not the WeMoRI route, but Matt representing WeMoRi’s claim on the streets of NOLA. As a screen grab of Matt’s ride was soon posted in the Semi-Tough Cycling Club’s Facebook group, I realized the gauntlet was thrown and I needed to answer back.


Matt’s can obviously hold his line better than I, as my letters are a bit wavy. It was pretty fun to try and “draw” with Strava. Makes me wonder what else we could do…

-Yeah You Ride

Get Out of My Lane

L.A.’s new campaign publicizes cyclist right to entire lane!


YES! I like to see it when transit authorities get it. Education must accompany legislation to affect any real change. Many motorists are rude just because they are clueless of the law. It’s likely that drivers in New Orleans find sharrows as cryptic as crop circles, and the population they represent equally alien. “Share the lane” is a vague concept. Must lanes be shared laterally? Longitudinally? Vertically? While I fully support what Metro is doing to inform motorcoach pilots of the relationship to which we are legally bound on the road, “Please, Share the lane,” is a bit soft. How about “Get out of my lane, now,” or “Go around, I was here first.”? I’ll continue this diatribe soon, in the meantime, check out what’s getting done in L.A.

Yeah You Ride

Back in the Saddle Part 1: Aluminum and Steel, Titanium and Bone.

You could say life is short in the fast lane. You could say if you blink you’ll miss it. And if you were saying those things to me, you’d be right. Especially if instead of “blink” you said “turn around to chat,” and instead of “miss it,” you said “T-bone a truck at 20 plus.”

I like to ride bikes. Fast. Especially the ones with fixed gears and invisible brakes. And despite putting in almost 200 miles a week doing fast training rides on such a bike in city streets, I invariably save my tangles with automobiles for off days and errand runs. I guess I should be thankful I’ve never had to appear in the ER in a spandex kit. In fact, before that day, riding bikes had never caused me to go to the ER, at all. But there is a first time for everything, and all good things must end. This is the story of that.

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St. Joseph’s Day

Photo grabbed from Plan B’s FB Event page.

Is one of my favorite holidays in New Orleans, with St. Joseph’s alters overflowing with food and lamb cakes and the search for Mardi Gras Indians that night . So how about two bicycle rides to sweeten the pot? Plan B is hosting a ride to go find those elusive yet pretty Mardi Gras Indians. Meet up at Plan B (1024 Elysian Fields
New Orleans, LA 70116) at 5:30pm.  Check their Facebook Event page for details.

In what’s becoming yet another weekly ride (exciting, I know!), folks from Bayou Bicycles are hosting Tuesday Night City Park Loops. A medium to fast pace ride (I heard last week it was a bit of a leg-burner) making the rounds of City Park. Check last weeks’ Strava data. Meet up at the NOMA front steps at 6:30, rolls 6:40pm sharp.

Get spinnin’.

Safari Drops

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 1.12.01 PM

The Loose Nuts fixed gear freestyle video Southern Safari just dropped on Vimeo. Their tour across 5 states stopped to shred in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Probably worth $8 just to see Nola spots. Peep the trailer and check out the Woldenberg/Moonwalk Hobo Hop at :50.

From Loose Nuts Cycles: “Southern Safari is the latest Loose Nuts Cycles team video starring fixed gear freestyle riders Miles Mathia, Kareem Shehab, Torey Thornton, and Tom Lamarche. Watch as this group brings fixed gear bikes into uncharted territory across the southern United States. Ledges, rails, stairsets and more all get destroyed by this four man army. Sit back, crack a cold one, and see what life is like on tour with the Loose Nuts Team.”

Made in China

MissionWorkshop_Shanghai_Acre_PiNPMade in China is now a mark of distinction, at least in the case of Factory 5 bikes. Born from the blood and sweat of my good high school friend Jeff Liu, the Canadian import Tyler Bowa, and partners, Factory 5 has been doing awesome custom frame building and classic restoration, while giving rise to an invigorated fixed gear and urban cycling scene that was strangely absent in a country where everyone rides a bike. Their portfolio is worth a look. In their latest big move, they will be playing host to some big names in a tour across China.


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Ride Profiles: The Semi-Tough Cycling Club’s “O.C. Ride”

Seabase Climbs Galibier

Beautiful footage of Patrick Seabase on his track bike ascent of Col. du Galibier. Aside from the fixed gear shredding, my favorite thing about this flick is the sound design and scoring; almost haunting. We’re lucky our weather is much nicer right now so get out today and start mashing. Go climb a bridge or something.

from Tracko