Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode 98 – Gravel Gab

It’s 2020 people, and unless you’ve been hiding out under a pile of 23mm tires, you know that folks are riding bikes on gravel – like all the freaking time. Here at Yeah You Ride!, we’ve done a bit of grinding ourselves, and on this episode of the podcast we share some of our thoughts about it. We’ve got coverage of the Mississippi Gravel Cup, a discussion of how gravel and USAC can try to get along, and our selection of a mythical Rouge Roubaix All-Star Gravel Team.

There’s also plenty of road and cross racing happening, including the recently concluded Santos Tour Down Under and the World Cyclocross Championships coming up this weekend. We are also excited about the recent release of the USA Crits series schedule. Yeah You Ride! is, of course, the official unofficial podcast of USA Crits, and this week we’ve got the viewer mail to prove it. Settle in for Episode 98 of the Yeah You Ride! Podcast.

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