Bamacross – Brookside

As I was careening down a grass hill around 26mph into sweeping right turn for the 5th time, my hands tired from maxing out the brakes, I thought to myself, “Man, NOW I get the disc brake hype!”

The Bamacross course at Brookside was tough. I feel like after every cross race I exclaim something about how that course was the hardest one I’ve ridden. It was definitely true last weekend. Really technical sections were balanced out with sand and multiple off camber turns with a few good climbs that zapped everything from my legs.  It’s always awesome to see crossers racing out of their region and a decent sized crew of NOLA CX’ers and DSGP regulars made the trek. Kudos to all!

The BAMACROSS series has a separate W4 category that my teammate (and very frequent contributor to this blog) Rhea Aldridge would be competing in. Rhea does a lot for our scene with her amazing photo coverage. However, being the one behind the lens means you rarely getting any photos taken while you shred the course. (And come on, WHO doesn’t love have rad riding pics?). Since she was racing first, it worked out perfectly that I could pay back Rhea with a little lens love.


Many thanks to Jason Lackey and Stewart Miller for putting on such a great race at an awesome venue. Also, did I mention there were cash payouts in the 3’s?! This was my first time winning money racing cross bikes. I could get used to that.

I have to give a huge shout-out to Sean and Danielle Williamson for being our gracious hosts. Not only did they have no problem with four people taking over their cool house, they even made sure we were fed and caffeinated each morning! Also, their dog Vishnu is pretty rad. Cross is BAWSE!

Don’t forget, DSGP #1 kicks off this Sunday. BE THERE!

Keep Spinnin’

YYR Weekend Preview – October 10th-11th

Are you looking to race your bike this weekend? Good, because we have multiple events across different disciplines to fulfill your number-pinnin’, rubber burning urges.

First up we have TRACK RACING.
(Yes, there is track racing here, just a short jaunt down the I-10). The 2015 LAMBRA track championships are taking place this weekend. As race promoter Zach Byerly put it, ” You should come race track bikes because I guarantee you won’t get run over by a car.” Hey, that certainly is appealing!

Group on Bank

But what if you’re like, “DUDE, I heard #crossiscoming. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure #CXISNOW!!. I want to go wicked hawd in the dirt and braapp all over my friends!”. Don’t worry, you can:

Head west to Houston and you can participate in Local CX Grinder (HTXCX #2). More info and registration here. Texas racing can be good for you USAC rankings. If you’re looking to race at Nationals and want a decent call up, you’ll want to head west a few times this year.

Head north instead and race with the Alabama folks at Team Magic CX’s Oak Mountain Race. Reg here. Last time we did a Team Magic race, Wes got to pose with a goat. Also, I won a bag of Powerade that I’m still using to this day.

Photo by Tim Meredith


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