Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep. 24 – Guess Who’s Back?

From T-bone, to LvdH, to KfnC – everyone is back! We dig in right away with some Euro cross action, over the pond to Charm City and US CUP CX and then back over for the “Race of the Falling Leaves”. Boedi Boedi and Sir Cheerio give a race recap of BAWSE Cross and T-bone fills us all in about the Pablove Across America ride (featuring interviews with Vincent Gee and Chris DeMarchi). Give it a listen and leave us a review!


Yeah You Ride! Podcast – Ep. 23 Better Late Than Never

Sorry for our tardiness, but the podcast trolls hid our latest episode until Sir Cheerio was able to rescue it from underneath the poddy bridge. On this episode Boedi Boedi gives the inside scoop on the CX world cup in Waterloo, WI; road world championships with a discussion on “defending the jersey” and we beg for some reviews.

Thanks to Vicnet for our intro and outro music.…ese_Sportswear

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep. 22 – World Cup Bawse Fantasy Cheese

And we’re back!  Boedi returns from the beach with an ambulance-filled race report from the Pensacola Cycling Classic. The gang wraps the Vuelta with their best and worst, and Sir Cheerio presents T-Bone with a selection of Spanish cheeses for his third place finish in the Vuelta fantasy league. Boedi leads the longest lightning round ever to wrap the road season and preview worlds, then talks to the Riot Girls about BAWSE Cross, before Matt and Townsend deliver on what listeners have been waiting for since the podcast started – a deep dive into the UCI World Cup of Cyclocross. Who’s in…?

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep. 21 – CROSS IS HERE!!!!!!!

It’s finally time to talk about cyclocross… but first, Sir Cheerio does a Vuelta lightning round, Boedi gives us hot takes on his new favorite race, and TBone momentarily forgets that he coined the expression “Superdomes-teej”. Finally on to the dirt, the gang celebrates the official start of the ‘cross season including early season racing in China, a few quick takes on the DVV and WCCX, and a preview of the DSGP season in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode 19 – LAMBRALANDABINCKBANK

LAMBRA Criterium Champs happened in Gulfport, and T-Bone was there to cover it. Boedi won a silver medal, Sir Cheerio is still wearing his gold medal from last week, and all of T-Bone’s medals are stuck at home unfortunately with his daughter (who won them).

In a new edition of Pedicab Confessions, the crew gangs up on some guy in Aaron’s tricycle who doesn’t know how to use a steering wheel, Matt is the only one this episode who knows anything about bike racing (and he knows very little), Boedi picks Chris Horner to win the Vuelta, and T-Bone gets pumped to cut some grass in the team’s new sport utility vehicle.

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode 18 – Breaking Wind and Braving Floodwaters

We’re back after a rest week with all new podcasting equipment! Hopefully you can hear the difference or otherwise we wasted a big bit of $$$! Against the backdrop of a flooded New Orleans, the gang riffs on silly-season transfer news. Boedi finds he’s great at goldsprints (photography), T-Bone gets way too excited about cyclocross, and Sir Cheerio goes digging for aero and comes back with gold!

Peanut Butter Pete Walton chase T-bone on his Bianchi Pista at our first season of cross practice in 2013. Photo by Christine Moser. Link to full album:

Ryan Clark’s excellent troll:


Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep.16 – Pedicab Confessional with Plus Three

With Sir Cheerio on family vacy, we ask friend and fellow cyclist, Aaron “Plus Three” Viles to join us. Aaron debuts his “Pedicab Confessions” and we argue over the proper pronunciation of “Barguil”. TDF picks, #crossiscoming and a bonus at the end of the episode.