DSGP 2015 Round 4 – Masters & SS Video

The Masters and SS race seems to be the only one I can really cover well this year. Here is hopefully one of two videos (the Monroe video is currently in limbo and might just be cannibalized into a “DSGP 2015 Greatest Hits” video) of those pesky old guys and the knuckle-dragging one coggers. Full…

Come On and Cross!

This was supposed to come out before the first NOLA CX practice, but injuries and road trips got in the way. While the season is now officially underway, I still urge you to come on out and participate in the best thing on two wheels: cyclocross!  

DSGP – The Final Showdown

District Championships for the Delta States Grand Prix of Cyclocross will take place this Saturday, December 14, in Natchez, MS. Believe me when I say that this will be one of the most action packed, tension loaded, party prone weekends of the year. For nine weeks, the local hardmen/ladies of Louisiana and Mississippi have been…

Video Dope: DSGP Preview

(Watch on Vimeo for that glorious HD) GET STOKED ON CX NOW!┬áThe course is nearing completion and lots of people are getting their skills dialed in. This promises to be an exciting fall, especially for the Cat 4/5 class, filled with first time ‘crossers. As promised, THERE WILL BE MUD! Here’s the Cliff’s Notes on…

Video From the Independence Day Classic!

I was finally to cut together some footage from our trip to Houma for the Independence Day Classic. Hope you enjoy! Click on “HD” for best quality. Get Spinnin’ -Boedi