The Liberal Debauchery of It All – Guest Gallery from Rhea Aldridge

Our old cyclocross buddy, Rhea Aldridge (@rhea_aldridge), went to the Single Speed World Championships in Santa Clara, Utah, and sent us this report!  – YYR

Last weekend I was on a different planet. And not in the sense of comparing Utah to the surface of some other galactic entity, but one where bike racing was still fun. A concept that had quickly become exotic for me.

For many years of racing cyclocross, I was constantly thinking about how to scavenge upgrade points or strategically place myself in races to improve my national ranking. In doing this, I feel like I lost touch with why I was drawn to this insane sport: the liberal debauchery of it all. I found myself yearning for the covert races through Golden Gate Park, rolling on whatever bike you had, cross dressing, clever name calling, and strong IPAs. It was a time and a place that would propel me into the love of cyclocross.

But last weekend I got a chance to return to a vibe that felt like home.

That’s Rhea, second from left. Photo by Jason Costello.

The “Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships”, it’s a tongue-in-cheek name that leaves everything open to interpretation.  It requires radical participation and receptiveness to knowing that everything is constantly “in flux”. Throw all those good lines out the window, or in this case an RV, and go with the flow. Was there cheating? Yes. Mechanicals? Yes. Jello? Oh yes. Enough beer for everyone? Of course. But most of all it was the first time in a while where I had a smile on my face the entire race. Even as I was jumping over snake pits, riding up a wall of a flyover, and falling out of an RV.

Thanks for the refuel. See you in Durango!

-Rhea Aldridge

Check out the gallery below!


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