NOLA Women on Bikes


Our good friend Katie Hunter-Lowrey (hopefully soon to be guest-blogger!) sent over some info on a new cycling group in New Orleans, NOLA Women on Bikes and their inaugural ride. We’re pretty pumped on the amount of cycling related events and groups forming in New Orleans right now. Let the good times roll.

The info:


Wednesday May 1st 6:30 pm at the Morning Call Coffee Stand in City Park. Come help us shape the mission of NOLA Women on Bikes, meet all the new members of the group, plus help us plan for the 1st Bike Ride happening the next week (Sun, May 12th)!  This is open to ladies/trans only, but please invite those you think would be interested in attending! Plus, maybe we’ll ride a loop of the park afterwards and check out the new bike facilities in City Park! Facebook event:

Cyclofemme Ride Sunday May 12th, 10 am to 1 pm.

Join NOLA Women on Bikes for our first ride ever! We will be riding a slow paced ride to commemorate our Mother’s of Strength here in New Orleans. Start with us at the St. Joan of Arc Statue and we will wind through the city ending at the Original Big Seven Second Line Parade. This is open to women and transgendered people of all ages – families encouraged!!! Please remember that kids under 14 need to wear helmets. More info about our ride will be posted on the National Cyclofemme Website –
facebook event:


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Spring Brake Yrself 2013 Race Results and Finish Times

The results are in and here’s how you fared. The number next to your name is the time you handed  Skip your manifest at 12 Mile Limit. So now you can get busy running your mouth about how fast you are, or denying you were ever there, depending on your time. Once again, big ups to all our racers and sponsors. You guys made this race absolutely incredible.



Matthew Erchull 6:01 – 1st Overall
Drew Stephan 6:02 – 2nd Overall
Andrew Sanford 6:05 – 3rd Overall
Dorothy Sekowski 6:13 – 1st Female
Jeff G 6:16
Robbie Puig 6:19 – 1st Fixed Gear
Hayley 6:20
Chris 6:20
Austin 6:25
Dan Z 6:27
Chris Reed 6:28
Ester 6:34
Jake 6:39

Spring Brake Yrself 2013 Recap


A Shout Out to Sponsors and Racers

First of all, we want to express how grateful we are to all of our awesome sponsors for loading us up with top quality gear to give away. And of course, a humongous thanks to all the riders who showed up to duke it out and support Plan B. We are stoked with turnout and how enthusiastic everyone was for the race. The weather was perfect and 12 Mile Limit hosted a bitchin’ afterparty. It was awesome getting to meet those of you that we did, and to those that we didn’t, we’re looking forward to meeting you at the next ride. We’d love for all y’all to check out our calendar page to see what rides we’re doing and come mash pedals with us.

The Juicy Details

For those who are curious, here are some numbers and highlights from the alleycat.

Attendance: 67 registered riders
The Shakeup: Manifests not handed out at starting line. Top 15 riders to finish first 7 checkpoints qualify for 8th checkpoint, necessary to win.
Mileage: 16-25-ish mi. (Depending on how lost you got like some.)
Drinkage: 240 New Belgium beers pounded.
Donation: With your support we were able to raise $616 for Plan B!

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Time to Get Right

Spring Brake Yrself is less than 2 weeks out and there are some awesome prizes on the line for top finishers. Hell, between best poker hand and the raffle, we’ve even got awesome prizes for riders who don’t finish. But if you’re trying to party on the podium, you’re gonna need to bring the heat. We recommend you check out the Wednesday Night Rabid Ride, usually departing NOMA steps at 630pm, to test your legs and get a feel for what the alleycat will demand. There’s still plenty of time to get ready for first timers and veterans alike, but just remember, keep it fun out there. Now go get ready, however you do.

(Got that video from the Landlords)

Rouge Roubaix Photoset by Zach Thomas

Back in the Saddle Part 2: The Road to Recovery is Paved With Cobblestones

The worst part of being injured isn’t the pain. There are pills that fix that well. It isn’t the boredom, either. The same pills fix that, too. By far, the most miserable aspect of a major injury is the riding withdrawals. There are no pills for that. There are no pills that keep you in shape, that make lungs bigger and legs stronger and reflexes quicker, that fuse bones overnight. Your doctor will assuredly tell you this is bad advice, but sometimes all you can do is take one of the pills you do have and train through the pain.

Even before I went in for surgery on my clavicle and finger, just five or six days after my general idiocy landed me in the trauma ward, I was losing my mind from not riding. With my index finger barely reattached to my hand and my arm in a sling, riding a real bike was entirely out of the question. So in my pathetic state I sought out the nearest pedaling machine I could think of: my parents’ 80’s vintage Schwinn Air Dyne trainer. Continue reading “Back in the Saddle Part 2: The Road to Recovery is Paved With Cobblestones”