Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep 97: Catching up with Yeah You Ride!

It’s been awhile, and we hope you haven’t forgotten us. But just in case, we’ll catch you up on Episode 97 of the pod. Boedi is fresh off a handful of appearances on The Cyclocross Radio’s Media Pit Podcast, and wondering who the two strangers he’s podcasting with this week really are. Sir Cheerio’s been on injured reserve getting a bionic hip installed, and T-Bone’s been busy fighting for justice and trying to poke fish with a spear in the Bahamas, but we’re all back together in the studio for the first time in weeks. Since we are right in the middle of an exciting season of cyclocross, we’ll start there, but there’s a bit more going on in the world of cycling as well, and as usual – we have opinions.

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