DSGP 2016 – Last Glance Before the Big Dance

DSGP Round 5, the series and district championships, is this Sunday in Natchez, LA. Before we finish off another great season, I thought I’d stoke the #hype train with select galleries from a few of the stops.

DSGP Round 2 – Ruston Day 1

Photos by Rhea Aldridge (@rhea_aldridge)

Gorgeous fall temps, a rooty and technical downhill and a leg-killing power climb, the virgin DSGP course left quite an impact on the riders. Oh, yeah, and there was a very “euro” beach section!

 Some Extras

DSGP Round 3 – New Orleans

Photos by Murat Celebi

I’d say this course at the Fly was probably the best course we’ve had in New Orleans and I base that solely on the fact that the ground wasn’t a cypress knee minefield. Throw in the handbuilt flyover,  a crazy technical feature dubbed the “cross nipple” and a healthy amount of spectators, it was just about a perfect day.

DSGP Round 4 – Ridgeland – Day 2

Photos by Boedi

The Tri-County Mountain Bike Association (or TCMBA) folks once again welcomed the DSGP train to their Ridgeland trail system. Depending on what weather god you pray to, the riders were blessed (or cursed) with rain and temps in the low 50’s. Day one featured and extra long single track section that ran the course to two miles in length. On day two the course was shortened but laps were just as slow as the track became a soggy mess.


See ya’ll in Natchez!
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Cyclocross Nationals 2016 by Rhea Aldridge

It’s February and we are still posting ‘cross content. Aren’t you lucky?! Thanks to Rhea for sharing some of her great shots from the 2016 Cyclocross Nationals in Asheville, North Carolina. Killer as always.

Annnnd, if you are in the LA/MS area and are still itching to race that cyclocross bike one more time, don’t forget about Mardi Cross this Sunday in New Orleans. Reg and more details here: https://www.bikereg.com/mardi-cross

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Flashback Friday – Give Me Some Sugar CX 2015

With cross nats approaching, and the DSGP all wrapped up, I thought I’d post some content that hadn’t yet made it to the site.

An open weekend in the DSGP scheduled allowed my teammates Christine, Kimmie, Rhea and me to head to Houston for two days of racing at Give Me Some Sugar CX. This is the third year I’ve gone to Houston to race and the second I’ve done Sugar CX. Held on an old golf course (very similar to the NOLA CX set-up), the track is flat with a few minor rollers and sand traps here and there. The big element that the organizers, Kolo Promo, built was a massive fly-over. While the course was dry, dusty and fast last year, it was anything but this year. The ground was super saturated with rain and by the time the W4’s race was almost finished, the rain came again making the course super sticky and slow.


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DSGP 2015 Round 1 – New Orleans

Hashtags are no joke.

I don’t think I could come up with enough hyperbolic statements that could accurately describe what happened this past Sunday. There was mud like I’ve never seen before. Mud of all types: slick, thick, greasy, sticky, salty. When one wasn’t bogged down in the goop, you were splashing through hub-deep ponds of water where flotillas of fire ants were waiting for a ride on your muddied skin, thanking you with nasty bites. And it rained. And rained. And rained. Until the last race of the day, the skies gave up their bounty as wished by the sadist Delta States Grand Prix race director, Wes McWhorter. However, he knew his masochistic crowd, who ate it up and had a damn good time. Check out Rhea Aldridge’s fantastic gallery below for evidence:

Rolling Along

With each year, the Delta States Grand Prix continues to grow and change for the better. Now in it’s third year, DSGP 2015 opened with the same amount of crossers as it did in 2014. That’s pretty cool considering the conditions Sunday. This year, the women of DSGP are racing on their own as their numbers continue to grow. An incremental process that is very important thanks to grassroots efforts of practices and clinic held months leading up to the beginning of the season. The pre-reg for the women’s field was 14, the highest pre-reg yet. With one day-of registration, Sunday’s field was the biggest Women’s field in DSGP history! The Cat 5’s are riding solo this year, which created a more robust and largest to date cat 4’s field.  (This should also make those 4-3 upgrade calculations a bit easier).  A Juniors category was added that saw seven youngsters tow the line. I’m very excited that this race was added to the program and can’t wait to see them progress.

Results of the race can be found here. Next up is two days in Monroe. Reg here and here.

Thanks to the Wes and the LAMBRA crew for puttin’ on a good show! Kudos to everyone who crossed the finish line, that was a doozy!

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Bamacross – Brookside

As I was careening down a grass hill around 26mph into sweeping right turn for the 5th time, my hands tired from maxing out the brakes, I thought to myself, “Man, NOW I get the disc brake hype!”

The Bamacross course at Brookside was tough. I feel like after every cross race I exclaim something about how that course was the hardest one I’ve ridden. It was definitely true last weekend. Really technical sections were balanced out with sand and multiple off camber turns with a few good climbs that zapped everything from my legs.  It’s always awesome to see crossers racing out of their region and a decent sized crew of NOLA CX’ers and DSGP regulars made the trek. Kudos to all!

The BAMACROSS series has a separate W4 category that my teammate (and very frequent contributor to this blog) Rhea Aldridge would be competing in. Rhea does a lot for our scene with her amazing photo coverage. However, being the one behind the lens means you rarely getting any photos taken while you shred the course. (And come on, WHO doesn’t love have rad riding pics?). Since she was racing first, it worked out perfectly that I could pay back Rhea with a little lens love.


Many thanks to Jason Lackey and Stewart Miller for putting on such a great race at an awesome venue. Also, did I mention there were cash payouts in the 3’s?! This was my first time winning money racing cross bikes. I could get used to that.

I have to give a huge shout-out to Sean and Danielle Williamson for being our gracious hosts. Not only did they have no problem with four people taking over their cool house, they even made sure we were fed and caffeinated each morning! Also, their dog Vishnu is pretty rad. Cross is BAWSE!

Don’t forget, DSGP #1 kicks off this Sunday. BE THERE!

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Come On and Cross!

This was supposed to come out before the first NOLA CX practice, but injuries and road trips got in the way. While the season is now officially underway, I still urge you to come on out and participate in the best thing on two wheels: cyclocross!


NOLA at Nats // Guest Gallery by Rhea Aldridge

Thanks again to Rhea Aldridge for letting us showcase her lens skills! Photos from day 1 and day 2 at the 2015 Cyclocross Nationals in Austin, TX.