Rouler on the Road // HTX CX — Part 1

With the Delta States Gran Prix on hiatus for a week, it was a perfect opportunity to travel out of the region for some ‘cross action, specifically BCRCX and Give Me Some Sugar CX. Wes McWhorter had penciled in this weekend as part of his CX Nats #pointscampaign (trying to get his upgrade from a Category 4 to a Category 3) and Chris Reed and I were more than willing to GETINTHEVAN and accompany him. I had raced BCRCX last year with the Rouler Racing team and was very excited to hit the challenging course again.

BCRCX took place in the scenic Spott’s Park. Shaped like a bowl, the park provided plenty of elevation changes for power climbs, speedy downhills and tricky off-cambers. The main feature of the course had to be the epic run-up, that over the course of a race, pretty much sapped all your will to live.

Wes started his day in the Masters 40+, finishing 7th in a strong field. During the last race of the day, he cruised to victory in the 4/5 field while, unfortunately, Chris Reed went down and broke his shifter, racking up a DNF. After starting about 3 rows back, I made it as high as 5th place, but slowly faded to 7th after repeated ascents of the run up took its toll in the 3/4 race. Our good pal and former teammate, Rob Sudan, again succumbed to tubeless tire issues and was out in the first lap.

Kudos to the Bayou City Racing team for putting on a fantastic event in a perfect setting. We’ll definitely be back next year!  Part 2 (Give Me Some Sugar CX) tomorrow.

Yeah You Ride!

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