Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep. 28 – Trash or Panache

      This week on the podcast, Matt talks us through the Euro CX Champs, Boedi gives us a report from his trip up to the Derby Cup and the Pan Am Champs, and T-Bone talks DSGP. The gang hears from A-aron on his yellow tricycle for the first time in a few weeks…

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep. 27 – Sexy Gatorskin Tubular Boom

T-bone sets a spooky tone from the start for this Halloween installment of the podcast. The gang acknowledges that Boedi’s crystal ball prediction of the domestic cross season is remarkably accurate so far, and Sir Cheerio picks wrestling a gator over a gatorskin in this week’s Tyre Talk. Boedi gives us an update on the…

Delta States Grand Prix 2017 – Baton Rouge

I’m a bit late on this, but here is a boat-load of photos from last Sunday’s DSGP race in Baton Rouge. Wanna know how everyone did? Here are the results. JR/5/W4-5/Masters/SS Women’s Open & Cat 4s Cat 1/2/3s

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep 25 – A Sandstorm of Cyclocross

We hit you right away with some serious cyclocross talk – from Brico to Gloucester. National champion talk comes early as Boed Boedi makes some bold predictions. Did you know that there is Tour de France news in October? Lastly, we get down to some serious #tyretalkin!

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep. 24 – Guess Who’s Back?

From T-bone, to LvdH, to KfnC – everyone is back! We dig in right away with some Euro cross action, over the pond to Charm City and US CUP CX and then back over for the “Race of the Falling Leaves”. Boedi Boedi and Sir Cheerio give a race recap of BAWSE Cross and T-bone…