Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode 11 – Nordic Aero Gravel Disco Blading Team Time Trial

Hi, everyone! Thanks for tuning into another episode of the YYR! podcast. This week we discuss cycling etiquette, the 5th Anniversary of the Semi-Tough Cycling Club, the Hammer series, gravel grinders and more!

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Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode #7 – Call Me Yul

Photo by Boedi’s Mom

From Italy to Mobile to Redlands, this episode is chock full of lovely podcast bit including Matt introducing the sub-sub-genre of aero-commuting while Townsend professes his love for pink. Boedi creates the new sport of Nas-Ska and Townsend talks to Jeff Castalez about the Pablove Foundation. Listen up, tell your friends and direct all comments at

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode 5

We go into a lot of detail about the Harbor Master Criterium and all things Spring Classics with a bit of Tyre Talk thrown in for good measure. “Yogi” Boedi continues to make up phrases while T-bone uses his sling as a Clif Bar feeding trough.


Show notes:

Harbor Master Podiums:
Scarponi and Frankie:
Fixie Jaden:

Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode 4: Legwarmer Crits










We get off to a slow start but once we stop talking about LAST week’s episode, we smash those podcast pedals like our hero of the week, Nathan Haas.


Harbor Master Crit:

Stephanie Smith is a badass:
1st Masters Women 35-39 TT USA National Champion
3rd in the Time Trial at the UCI Gran Fondo Master’s World Championships

Phil Gil chug: