CX is now. There is no more #crossiscoming, there is no more #therewillbemud. Cross is here and mud is being. On Sunday, October 12, Semi-Tough and Yeah You Ride officially launched New Orleans cyclocross with an unofficial swamp-jammin’, beer-chuggin’, bike-racin’, family friendly gnar-fest.

The course was comprised largely of the City Park Singletrack, and was familiar to Thursday night practice race attendees, except for a few added twists. A Le Mans start separated racers from their rides, and introduced an element of chaos as racers sprinted and scrambled to right their bikes and launch free amidst a flurry of mounting riders. Sections of the cross country running trail were utilized to change the flow and add some new turns. By far, the biggest curveball of all was the PBR sponsored Handup Shortcut at the final turn. Racers arrived at a split where they were forced to choose between taking and finishing a cold frosty beer before the end of the handup zone, or else navigate a tight chicane and barrier section. Racers were required to complete the barrier section a certain number of times, and few elected bonus barrier sections over surplus handups.

True to name, Swamplocross opened with particularly muddy and juicy trail conditions, setting up the Women’s field for some extra-loose switchbacks. The course dried visibly over the duration of the 3 races. Riders in the 8-lap A Race were especially able to notice an appreciable gain in traction. Travis Johnson remarked, “By the last laps I was able to hit the corners a lot harder than I had from the start.” Far more turbulent than a typical cross circuit, Swamplocross’s trails produced a significant number of mechanical failures, bumps, bruises and general mayhem. Or, exactly like we planned it.

Liz So ran away with the Women’s race, and positioned herself as the Local Hardlady to beat at this year’s DSGP. Rossane Simons, the DSGP Women’s champion from 2013 put in a solid show coming in second with Kelly Wynveen (her first cross race!) rounding out third. Newcomer to the New Orleans cyclocross scene, Blake Williams, put on a stunning performance (and put his tri fitness to use) in the B Race, edging out DSGP Masters Champion Rusty Bernard, who was competing on a single speed MTB. Johnny King may have surprised even himself, rounding out the B’s podium in his cyclocross debut. The tumultous A Race was filled with position swaps, mechanicals, repeated pit stops by Chris Reed, Blair Krogh and Mike Breaux. After it all shook out, Robert Rutter rocketed his Rock Lobster to the top step of the podium, with teammates Tricky Travis Johnson and Zach Thomas following on his heels in 2nd and 3rd.


Women’s Race:
1. Liz So
2. Rosanna Simons
3. Kelly Wynveen
4. Christine Moser
5. Rhea Aldridge
6. Lua Walter
7. Rebecca Hicks

B Race:
1. “Young” Blake Williams
2. Rusty Bernard
3. Johnny King
4. Peter Walton
5. Beaux Jones-Bahr
6. Richard “Scarman” Carman
7. Tad Page
8. Ryan Livaudais
9. RL3
10. Dan Rees
11. Miles Swanson
12. George Morse
13. Reid Case
14. Reggie Bressett
15. Ed Kendrick
16. Dustin Clark (DFL is better than DNF!)
DNF Thomas Lasher
DNF Chris Weiss
DNF Dennis Dunham

A Race:
1. Robert “Rocket” Rutter
2. “Tricky” Travis Johnson
3. Zachary “Call Me Maybe” Thomas
4. Blake Williams
5. Nate Batts
6. Skip Town
7. Wes “Superromantique” McWhorter
8. Mike Breaux
9. Blair Krogh
10. Chris Reed

A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Raw Republic, Bicycle Michael’s, Pizza Delicious and Pagoda Cafe. Another round of applause for all the folks who donated to Townsend’s Pablove fundraiser which in turn got you all breakfast tacos and iced coffee. Big thanks to DJ Sir Cheerio for coming out spinning the sweet jams. But most importantly, thanks to everyone who came out to race, spectate, and drink cold beer at 9am!

Keep Spinnin’
Yeah You Ride

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