Darnell “Snow White” Walton is the spirit animal of this year’s SWAMPLOCROSS.

First off: RESULTS

As it has for the past two years, SWAMPLOCROSS kicked off the ‘cross season in New Orleans under clear skies and perfect southern Louisiana fall temps. (As in, I wore pants but I also got a sunburn.)

Eschewing USAC’s typical cyclocross categories, costumed clad riders mounted their steeds in the A, B, Women’s, First Timers and Kiddos races. The costume “rule” gave those dressed in their child’s leftover costume from last year the leg up on their competitors as SWAMPLOCROSS uses Le Mans starts. It seemed to be a factor in the First Timers and B race, as both leaders in the early laps looked like lost Mardi Gras revelers ripping it up on the dusty and bumpy track.

In a field of eight First Timers, including two women, Urban South Racing’ Taylor Reinhard (dressed as pirate making off with cx booty) showed that power on the road can certainly transfer to CX as he dominated the race on his way to an easy victory over David Van and Jason Bibb in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The B’s and Women’s race was our biggest field of the day with 22 riders. While a nightmare-ish Nathaniel Wood took the holeshot, Sleeping Beauty (or Darnell Walton) took advantage of his head start and built a huge lead before eventually being brought back by Urban South Racing’s Will Buquoi and Reid Case. Emily Bissett of Semi-Tough Racing, led the Women’s field and landed solidly in 10th overall.

A quick intermission was had and five kiddos took to the shortened kids course where the Jarand siblings, August and Vivian, repeated their race dominance.

“Peanut Butter” Pete Walton attacked the A field from the gun and built up a solid lead, but his all black skeleton costume got the better of him. Overheated, he had to stop under the shade of the Urban South hand-up tent and strip down to his skivvies. Meanwhile, Zach Thomas of Rouler Racing and Ben Spain, 4D Racing, took over at the front. Unfortunately Ben Spain flatted on the backside of the course and Zach Thomas took his second straight SWAMPLOCROSS victory.

Dubbed the “Soda Water Scramble”, because someone forgot to buy canned beer, the last race of the day was a four person relay.  Each team member rode a lap of the course with a can of soda water stuffed somewhere on their person. Delivering the shaken and weary can to the their teammate, it was popped open and chugged in collegiate fashion. Or poured liberally on the face to wash away the dust. A fun and refreshing way to end the day, even us race directors got a chance to mount up. (Although our team had a strong lead out by Emma Myers, my partner might have spent too much time in the sun as he rode the course backwards for awhile).

Many thanks to our sponsors, Urban South Brewing and Rouler, for their support. Big ups to Murat Celebi for his awesome video and great photos (Make sure you give him credit if you found a new FB profile pic!) Huge kudos to all you racers who came out, we had a blast and raised quite a bit of grass cuttin’ money!

Keep Spinnin’
Boedi & Townsend



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