DSGP 2016 – Last Glance Before the Big Dance

DSGP Round 5, the series and district championships, is this Sunday in Natchez, LA. Before we finish off another great season, I thought I’d stoke the #hype train with select galleries from a few of the stops.

DSGP Round 2 – Ruston Day 1

Photos by Rhea Aldridge (@rhea_aldridge)

Gorgeous fall temps, a rooty and technical downhill and a leg-killing power climb, the virgin DSGP course left quite an impact on the riders. Oh, yeah, and there was a very “euro” beach section!

 Some Extras

DSGP Round 3 – New Orleans

Photos by Murat Celebi

I’d say this course at the Fly was probably the best course we’ve had in New Orleans and I base that solely on the fact that the ground wasn’t a cypress knee minefield. Throw in the handbuilt flyover,  a crazy technical feature dubbed the “cross nipple” and a healthy amount of spectators, it was just about a perfect day.

DSGP Round 4 – Ridgeland – Day 2

Photos by Boedi

The Tri-County Mountain Bike Association (or TCMBA) folks once again welcomed the DSGP train to their Ridgeland trail system. Depending on what weather god you pray to, the riders were blessed (or cursed) with rain and temps in the low 50’s. Day one featured and extra long single track section that ran the course to two miles in length. On day two the course was shortened but laps were just as slow as the track became a soggy mess.


See ya’ll in Natchez!
Yeah You Ride


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