First off: RESULTS As it has for the past two years, SWAMPLOCROSS kicked off the ‘cross season in New Orleans under clear skies and perfect southern Louisiana fall temps. (As in, I wore pants but I also got a sunburn.)

DSGP 2015 Round 4 – Masters & SS Video

The Masters and SS race seems to be the only one I can really cover well this year. Here is hopefully one of two videos (the Monroe video is currently in limbo and might just be cannibalized into a “DSGP 2015 Greatest Hits” video) of those pesky old guys and the knuckle-dragging one coggers. Full…

DSGP 2015 Round 1 – New Orleans

Hashtags are no joke. I don’t think I could come up with enough hyperbolic statements that could accurately describe what happened this past Sunday. There was mud like I’ve never seen before. Mud of all types: slick, thick, greasy, sticky, salty. When one wasn’t bogged down in the goop, you were splashing through hub-deep ponds…

Bamacross – Brookside

As I was careening down a grass hill around 26mph into sweeping right turn for the 5th time, my hands tired from maxing out the brakes, I thought to myself, “Man, NOW I get the disc brake hype!” The Bamacross course at Brookside was tough. I feel like after every cross race I exclaim something…

Come On and Cross!

This was supposed to come out before the first NOLA CX practice, but injuries and road trips got in the way. While the season is now officially underway, I still urge you to come on out and participate in the best thing on two wheels: cyclocross!  

NOLA to Nats: 2014

I’m leaving for Austin today to attend the the 2015 cyclocross nationals and I thought that maybe I should finally put together that footage I shot LAST YEAR in Boulder. Enjoy! Yeah You Ride- Boedi

DSGP #3 – Monroe

Rich and I have realized that when we raced first in the 4/5s last year, we could A) party more B) get better coverage of the rest of the race day. So please enjoy this small sampling of photos from the 4/5 race, that I admit, are biased towards my teammates on Rouler Racing. Peep…