Here Come The Girls Alleycat – April 20 2014

Photo from last year’s Spring Break Yourself. We hope the turnout will be this large again!


Spring is in the air and the rubber is on the road. As the asphalt heats up, so will the racing action. But before things get too hot and heavy this summer, we’re warming up with some alleycat goodness. Alleycat mastermind Drew Stephan is at it again, picking up our slack, and hosting the first race of the Spring, and the first since his October 2013 Book Book! Alleycat. Mark your calendar for April 20, 2014 and get ready to turn up the heat at the Here Come The Girls Alleycat, benefitting Girls Rock Camp, New Orleans.

(Edit: Link to the Facebook Event)

A philanthropic titan, Drew always has a worthy cause at the heart of the race. This time around, profits go to Girls Rock Camp, New Orleans. This summer, female, trans-gender, and non-gender-conforming youth ages 9-16 will come together to learn an instrument, form a band, write an original song, and perform a concert at the camp showcase for their family, community and friends within the span of a week. Sound awesome? We thought so too.

As if being socially constructive isn’t enough reward in itself, prizes will abound. Typical category breakdown is Open 1st 2nd and 3rd, 1st Lady, 1st Cruiser, and often 1st Singlespeed. On top of the standard competitive places, prizes will be awarded in all manner of random categories and criteria. Winning stuff isn’t just for the fast folks! Just imagine all the awesome things you could win from the race’s generous sponsors NOBS, Gerkins, Bicycle Michael’s, Juans Flying Burrito, Theo’s Pizza, Dashing New Orleans, Domino Records, Half Moon, and Lost Love Lounge.

Registration opens at 3pm at Lafayette Square and costs $10. The race launches at 4pm. Afterparty/Finish location TBA. The race is open to 100% of humans on bicycles.

Don’t be a fool. This is April’s crown jewel. We know you can’t wait to get on the streets and show your friends and foes how fast you are this Spring, and we can’t wait to find out either.

Yeah You Ride!

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