Summer Sprint Series

Yeah You Ride is excited to announce a new, “business casual” competition circuit, the Summer Sprint Series. Riders will pony up and compete for cash in head-to-head drag sprints, with the top 3 sprinters taking home cheddar. Every month the location will change, as will the distance of the sprint. Originally conceived as a fixed gear and singlespeed only event, we have decided to allow geared riders to compete in a separate bracket. Check out scoring and rules below.


Location: 6701 Stars and Stripes Boulevard (approximate, look for us)

Rules: Buy-in is $5. BYOB/BYOL (Bring Your Own Beer/Bring Your Own LaCroix). Only 2 riders sprint at once, stay on the course. We’ll have an “eyeball” finish. To-close-to-calls will sprint again, so make sure you leave your challenger in the dust.

Scoring: As this is a series, there will be a cumulative point system to determine a winner after the series is completed. The series winner will receive a separate, additional prize.

For each sprint won, a rider will receive 1 point. A loss earns 0 points.

First place overall will receive +5 points towards their cumulative total. Second will reveive +3. Third will receive +2.

Payout will be roughly as follows. First place: 50% of pot. Second Place: 30% of pot. Third place will get their $5 back. The remaining percentage will go towards the purse for the overall winners of the entire series.

Get spinnin’

-Yeah You Ride

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  1. Austin Conn says:

    “I want a fucking rematch it was FIXED…gear!” (myself). To the victor go the spoils, damn you Boedi!!! Tiny turnout due to inclement weather which was good to build my ego clutching silver. Thanks to those host and attended rain or shine!

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