Tour de Lac

Manchac Pass.
Manchac Pass.

I saw this photo of Weston McWhorter’s in January and knew I was missing out on something special. So when Townsend Myers invited the Semi-Tough Cycling Club to Tour De Lac part Deux, I knew I had to be there. While the ride around Lake Pontchartain doesn’t offer much in elevation change, the approximately 160 miles through the steamy lowlands of southern Louisiana seemed like quite a challenge. Plus it was 60 miles further than my previous longest ride. Partly because of the pot of coffee I drank that day at work and partly child-ish “Christmas-Eve” excitement, I didn’t get one wink of sleep the night before and worried if I’d crack some 40 miles in. Luckily, Wes, who unfortunately couldn’t ride, followed as support in the Rouler car. Water, Gatorade, bananas and amazing fruit and rice cakes (plus Instagrams) made the world of difference. I’m ready to do it again.

Enjoy my gallery after the jump and check out some great Instagrams from @Roulernola as well.

Yeah You Ride


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  1. Great work Boedi! Yeah you ride!!

    1. yeahyouride says:

      Thanks for putting it together!

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