Strava Graffiti

Last week during my post-ride Strava data check, I happened to see this on my feed:


I was a bit perplexed by this odd looking ride (and more perplexed by it’s name) done by fellow NOLA cyclist Matt Erchull. After cocking my head, I realized it read, “WeMoRi”, standing for “Wednesday Morning Ride”. I’ve never been on this ride, but I hear it’s very early and very fast. (Sounds like it needs a Yeah You Ride “Ride Profile”, I just hope I can keep up). This is not the WeMoRI route, but Matt representing WeMoRi’s claim on the streets of NOLA. As a screen grab of Matt’s ride was soon posted in the Semi-Tough Cycling Club’s Facebook group, I realized the gauntlet was thrown and I needed to answer back.


Matt’s can obviously hold his line better than I, as my letters are a bit wavy. It was pretty fun to try and “draw” with Strava. Makes me wonder what else we could do…

-Yeah You Ride

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