Get Out of My Lane

L.A.’s new campaign publicizes cyclist right to entire lane!


YES! I like to see it when transit authorities get it. Education must accompany legislation to affect any real change. Many motorists are rude just because they are clueless of the law. It’s likely that drivers in New Orleans find sharrows as cryptic as crop circles, and the population they represent equally alien. “Share the lane” is a vague concept. Must lanes be shared laterally? Longitudinally? Vertically? While I fully support what Metro is doing to inform motorcoach pilots of the relationship to which we are legally bound on the road, “Please, Share the lane,” is a bit soft. How about “Get out of my lane, now,” or “Go around, I was here first.”? I’ll continue this diatribe soon, in the meantime, check out what’s getting done in L.A.

Yeah You Ride

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