Red Hook Criterium

Three time RHC winner, Dan Chabanov. Photo by John Watson
Three time RHC winner, Dan Chabanov. Photo by John Watson

The Red Hook Crit is tomorrow and I wish I was going to be there just to spectate (No way could Yeah You Ride even hang with those folks!) What started as a small event between a handful of friends to celebrate race director David Trimble’s birthday, has become the premier fixed gear criterium in the world. Hypebeast did a great video on the event and its history, so check it out and get familiar.

What does this have to do with New Orleans cycling, you ask? Well, Yeah You Ride likes the idea of events like these and hopes to put on something similar in the near future (at a much, much smaller scale!). Do we have any track bike cyclists out there who want to race?! Hell, maybe it will be open to whatever you can pedal. Also, the night before the Rouge Roubaix, I happened to meet David Trimble’s sister outside a restaurant in Baton Rouge. I was wearing my Red Hook Crit cycling cap and she was amazed to see it so far from Brooklyn. The world is a small place and cycling makes just a tad bit smaller and I’m OK with that.

Get spinning

-Yeah You Ride

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