DSGP 2015 Round 1 – New Orleans

Hashtags are no joke.

I don’t think I could come up with enough hyperbolic statements that could accurately describe what happened this past Sunday. There was mud like I’ve never seen before. Mud of all types: slick, thick, greasy, sticky, salty. When one wasn’t bogged down in the goop, you were splashing through hub-deep ponds of water where flotillas of fire ants were waiting for a ride on your muddied skin, thanking you with nasty bites. And it rained. And rained. And rained. Until the last race of the day, the skies gave up their bounty as wished by the sadist Delta States Grand Prix race director, Wes McWhorter. However, he knew his masochistic crowd, who ate it up and had a damn good time. Check out Rhea Aldridge’s fantastic gallery below for evidence:

Rolling Along

With each year, the Delta States Grand Prix continues to grow and change for the better. Now in it’s third year, DSGP 2015 opened with the same amount of crossers as it did in 2014. That’s pretty cool considering the conditions Sunday. This year, the women of DSGP are racing on their own as their numbers continue to grow. An incremental process that is very important thanks to grassroots efforts of practices and clinic held months leading up to the beginning of the season. The pre-reg for the women’s field was 14, the highest pre-reg yet. With one day-of registration, Sunday’s field was the biggest Women’s field in DSGP history! The Cat 5’s are riding solo this year, which created a more robust and largest to date cat 4’s field.  (This should also make those 4-3 upgrade calculations a bit easier).  A Juniors category was added that saw seven youngsters tow the line. I’m very excited that this race was added to the program and can’t wait to see them progress.

Results of the race can be found here. Next up is two days in Monroe. Reg here and here.

Thanks to the Wes and the LAMBRA crew for puttin’ on a good show! Kudos to everyone who crossed the finish line, that was a doozy!

Keep Spinnin’

Remember, if you choose to grab an image from this site, CREDIT the photographer!

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