The Way Things Are – A DSGP Update

You may have noticed we’ve been pretty quiet over here for the past week or so. Never at a shortage for words, there is clearly an explanation afoot. We’ve been hard at work trying to make this whole Delta States Cyclcross thing a reality, and we’re proud to say that there is significant progress. Although I could probably be more vague if I tried, I know you’re here because you want me to spill the Blue Runners. So without further ado, here’s what’s good in the world of DSGP.

For all intents, the park is ours. Permitting us underway. Like way underway. It is as underway as Wu-Tang is underground. USAC licenses have been obtained and negotiations with City Park are complete. We are literally a couple of pen strokes away from having the New Orleans race carved in stone. LAMBRA is helping out with the nuts and bolts, and we know that much of the nitty gritty is in capable and experienced hands. Which leaves our inexperienced, grubby mitts free for some heavy lifting.

Venues have been secured as well in Baton Rouge and Jackson, Mississippi. While I cannot yet testify as to what progress is being made in those sectors, I have very high hopes. I know from the time I spent in Baton Rouge that their cycling scene is healthy, enjoys a fair amount of solidarity because of how small a place BR is, and is full of great minds and strong backs. Trust, as soon as I get wind of their statuses, you will be quickly informed.

Here, in New Orleans, construction of the course is picking up. City Park recently mowed much of the area where the course is located, expanding the possibilities for exploring and developing new course sections and features. The current mission is to incorporate more of the former (soon-to-be?) golf course’s tee boxes, putting greens, bunkers, and other existing topography to make the course a little more interesting and exciting. Equipment is being amassed and tools are being stockpiled. Boedi and I just made a trip up to Baton Rouge to score a riding mower. Unfortunately it needs some work, but we are that much closer to building a top notch course.

Consider this your call to action: We need more tools; shovels, mowers, rakes, etc. If you got it, we want it. But slingblades do not themselves swing. We also need all the elbow grease we can get to make this happen. Course work days are frequently discussed and organized via the New Orleans Cyclcross group on Facebook. If you aren’t already in that loop, get plugged in.

Sponsors are actively being sought to help execute this ambitious mission of off-road racing. A beer sponsor is in the works, to ensure that the lifeblood of cyclocross flows freely for racers and spectators alike. Bayou Bikes has stepped up to the plate with some serious backing for the New Orleans race. Additionaly, several sponsors have offered up awesome prizes for podium climbers, hopefully dialing up the competition to 11. And while we are extremely grateful for gear, we are very much in need of financing. We’re talking dollars, clams, yams, duckets, bones, cheddar, wampum. Don’t forget to tell your rich uncle to cut us a check.

October 19th will be upon us before we know and we have great aspirations for this race, as well as the entire series. DSGP is going to outrageously fun, and we want you in on it. If you are at all curious, please hit us up and ask how to get involved. Working together, we will make a mark of Gorbachev proportions on the face of the region’s cycling scene. So there you have it. As of now, that’s the way things are.

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