There Will Be Mud – 10 Reasons You MUST Race The Delta States Grand Prix

Guys! Hey, you guys! CYCLOCROSS IS COMING TO NEW ORLEANS! And not just to Nola, but all of Louisiana and Mississippi. Unless you recently got lost in the woods or have otherwise been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the Delta States Grand Prix of Cyclocross. 5 races from October to December pit the best of man and machine against the worst of mother nature. It’s going to get rowdy.

I know you’re already putting on your knobby tires and your skinsuit. I know you can’t wait to get out there and flex in the mud and show everybody who the numero uno Local Hardman is. I know, trust me. I know, because I’m doing those things too (Ok so I’m putting on a skin-tight children’s spiderman costume, not a skinsuit, but you get the point). I know I don’t have to do this, but I’m going to do it anyway. For those who don’t get it yet, and those who start reading an article halfway down, here are


10 – New Toys: You get to build a new bike! What’s that? Pit bike? Oh yeah, you can even build 2 new bikes! And with any luck mechanical failures will requre you to buy all those upgrade components you haven’t been able to afford!

9 – Killer Costumes: Like beer, not just for spectators. Go ahead, get weird.

8 – More Cowbell: There’s going to be a lot of cowbell out there. And if you happen to have a particular type of fever, for which the only cure is more cowbell, you my friend are in luck.

7 – Peer Pressure: Everyone else is doing it. No, like seriously. Everybody

6 – Fierce Competiton: This ones for all the bacon, kids! You’ve made it out and you’ve put it on the line, Time to drop hammers. Get on the podium or get out the way.

5 – Or Not: You don’t have to kill yourself. Have fun, get loose, act a fool and remember, somebody’s gotta keep it funky out there.

4 – Unlimited Mud: Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Become one with it. Let it coat you. I hear it’s good for your skin. If you really don’t like it you can wash it off with beer foam.

3 – Tasty Suds: Beer is not just for breakfast anymore. It’s also not just for spectators. Thirsty riders who need some grain in their water to keep them strong can probably expect generous beer hand-ups from avid fans.

2 – Righteous Babes: Studly dudes and smokin’ ladies getting riled up over each others’ hot cross buns. Best of all, they’re all there to get a shot at YOU. That is, assuming you are on the podium.

1 – Local Hardman/Hardlady Status: You gotta earn it if you want to claim it. Get out there and make moves.

Seriously dude. I don’t know what more to tell you. Just do it already.

Yeah You Ride


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