CX In the Swamp


We’ll be out there again this Thursday at 6pm. Our ‘cross guru won’t be out with us, but we’ll run things in a similar format as last time: practice some technical aspects, ride the course a few times at easy pace and then a four lap race for bragging rights.

Bike suitable for offroad riding. A CX bike is best, but a MTB will work. Fat tires on a road bike would even cut it for this grassy riding.

Water – It’s really hot out there. There will be cold beer provided for the express purpose of fueling friendly competition. Be sure to bring a couple bidons of cold H2O, though, or you might not last to beer’o’clock.

Helmet – Duh.

Bug Spray – We’ll be standing in tall grass, in Louisiana, in the dead of summer. You’ve been warned.

CX Skills – Bring any experience you have riding CX or off-road in general. This can range from absolutely none all the way to pretty much everything. Although those with more experience should be prepared to open their mouths, and those with less to open their ears.

We are going to get rad on the old golf course. Come mash in the grass with us and put away a couple cold ones.

Yeah You Ride

Where we’ll be. West of Pan-Am, head into the park towards the lake off Zach Taylor.

CX Location

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