Cyclocross Practice

There Will Be Mud…

CX is coming, like, for real. As the wet blanket that is NOLA summer is tucked in tightly around us, it’s not just a great escape, but a good idea to start dreaming about your favorite fall cycling activity. Skip Town put together a little skillshare/practice session yesterday at City Park using some of the path that was mowed for the recent duathalon. After giving a few pointers on some CX basics like dismounting/remounting, barrier hopping and shouldering, a few wet and muddy (YES!) laps of the course were taken by all. Because why not, a four lap “race” for cold PBRs was declared. After much rotation of position and a fantastic wipeout into the reeds by Chris Snider, the gold was brought home by #localhardman Rich. Like finding the baby in the King Cake, he gets to bring beer to the next practice.

If anyone is interested in learning about cyclocross, riding your bike in the weeds or just talking bikes, you should come out. We had CX bikes and MTB, so all are welcome. While we will be taking next Thursday off to drink lots of French wine and watch le Tour at Fauborg Wines (Join us for the Tour du Vin!) we’re hoping this will become a weekly Thursday ride. If you’ve never ridden CX before, don’t sweat; neither have we. The ride can be as intense or relaxed as you want, with plenty of cold beer and camaraderie. More info on the next one will be posted here and all over the Facebook land.

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