The weekend before the Spring Brake Yr’sef madness, a few friends and I decided to take advantage of the weather and go BLAMPING (That’s glamourous camping on bikes, folks). Saint Bernard State park is a surprisingly scenic 13 mile ride from the Bywater. Don’t fret about how you’ll pack all your beer and hotdogs down on a bike: two corner stores are less than a mile away! With two cases of Budweiser, a well stoked fire and a little ukele sing-a-long, a great day faded into a raucous night which then faded into THE BIGGEST RAINSTORM ever which had me left me floating in a few inches of rainwater. After a fitful hour of sleeping in a Prius (some folks did join later by car), we admitted defeat and drove out of there. I did hear of one brave cyclist who made it all the way back to the parish line before giving up.

Let’s do this again sometime soon, freak rainstorms be dammed.

Yeah You Ride


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