Spring Brake Yrself 2013 Recap


A Shout Out to Sponsors and Racers

First of all, we want to express how grateful we are to all of our awesome sponsors for loading us up with top quality gear to give away. And of course, a humongous thanks to all the riders who showed up to duke it out and support Plan B. We are stoked with turnout and how enthusiastic everyone was for the race. The weather was perfect and 12 Mile Limit hosted a bitchin’ afterparty. It was awesome getting to meet those of you that we did, and to those that we didn’t, we’re looking forward to meeting you at the next ride. We’d love for all y’all to check out our calendar page to see what rides we’re doing and come mash pedals with us.

The Juicy Details

For those who are curious, here are some numbers and highlights from the alleycat.

Attendance: 67 registered riders
The Shakeup: Manifests not handed out at starting line. Top 15 riders to finish first 7 checkpoints qualify for 8th checkpoint, necessary to win.
Mileage: 16-25-ish mi. (Depending on how lost you got like some.)
Drinkage: 240 New Belgium beers pounded.
Donation: With your support we were able to raise $616 for Plan B!


In any order:
Coliseum Square – Blow up a balloon and pop it with your legs. (Also, try not to enrage the insane woman with the unleashed dog.)
Duncan Plaza – Spring break mug shots. Smile for the birdie.
Piazza d’Italia – GTL: Choose between Gym, Tan, or Laundry; 25 pushups, applying self-tanning lotion to pasty arms and legs, or get ‘washed’ (face shot!) with a bucket of fountain water.
Piety Street Arch – Spring break beers or the drunk tank. Chug a PBR or stand in a bucket of ice water.
Plan B – Bike Shop 101, Final Exam. 10 bike tools/pieces of hardware on the counter, draw a slip of paper from the fishbowl and identify the tool/hardware written on it.
Old Schwegmann’s – Panama City Trailer Trash – Throw up a sick handstyle on the Tag Trailer.
Pan-Am Stadium at City Park – City Park Cyclocross. Navigate a short cyclocross course on whatever bike you are on, including mud, tight turns, barriers, etc. Finish with a shot of espresso.
Spanish Fort – Spring break supper time. Chow down on pork rinds with hot sauce and lime. Wash down with a shot of tequila.

Podium and Prizes

Congratulations to everyone who finished, and especially to our winners. Y’all earned those New Belgiums.

1st Overall – Matt Erchull – All-City backpack, Butter bottle set, Fyxation bar tape, Rouler socks, Knog patch kit
2nd Overall – Drew Stephan – Knog cable lock, Goorin Cap, Large Rouler bottle, Fyxation bar tape
3rd Overall – Andrew Sanford – Knog front and rear light set, Fyxation bar tape

1st Female – Dorothy Sekowski – Timbuktu messenger bag, Custom Goorin Cap, Knog gloves, Butter Bottle set, Rouler socks

1st Fixed Gear – Robbie from Charleston (who moved to NOLA on Friday night!) – Freight Baggage messenger bag, Butter Bottle Set, Fyxation bar tape, Rouler socks, Rouler cap

1st (and only) Pedicab – Tony– Front cargo basket
1st Tandem – Ryan and Neight – His and Hers saddlebags, pair of Rouler caps, rear cargo rack (I heard there was a little tom foolery between tandem teams).
Dead Fuckin Last – Jennifer Barkley – Googly-eye bike bell. (If you can hear this bell, you are in second-to-last place)

Thanks again to all who came out to race, support, and party. We had a great time hosting this race and we look forward to hosting again soon. Stay tuned, coming up soon we’ll have full race results with times so all you hyper-competitive jerks can see exactly how you stacked up, plus tons of photos, videos, and fun stuff. Feel free to send any good photos, ‘grams, Strava data or interesting anecdotes to yeahyouride@gmail.com or post it on our Facebook wall.

Yeah You Ride

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  1. The Pedicab winner’s name is Tony. “The Other Guy” is Neight.

    1. yeahyouride says:

      Thanks, will update!

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