Early To Bed, Early To Shred: NOMAMBO Dawn Patrol


For those unfamiliar , NOMAMBO (New Orleans Metropolitan Area Mountain Bike Association) is the Nola bike community’s premiere MTB club, as well as its longest acronym. These are the guys to thank for maintaining the Spillway trails and organizing many events. As we approach summer and temps rise, morning riding becomes a continually more attractive option. If you’re a morning person, or just trying to eat dirt for breakfast, NOMAMBO is hosting a 7 AM ride on Saturday March 9, 2013. Loving it and want more? Their next group meeting is Wednesday March 13, at Rotolo’s in Metairie. Probably a good time to pay dues, if you haven’t already.

For more info, peep www.nomambo.net, or NOMAMBO’s Facebook. Their Facebook cover photo is a well updated and reliable indicator of whether the trails are open or closed. Save yourself some time before you take that drive.

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