B.A.W.S.E. Cross


Angela “Mob Boss” Catalano speaks with the Juniors before their race.
Viv Jarand suitcases like a #PRO.


Hey, Chris, can Gabe get a lighter bike?!
Gus Jarand during his first of three races that day.
Katherine Sayre and Emma Scott after the First Timers race.
Thanks to Bjarnicle for helping create the BAWSE cross course.
Spencer Ortego before he went full beast mode on both the B race (on his SS) and the A race.

Ride up turned to a run-up after the rain.
Deer, meet headlights.


Damn, BAWSE cross was scary!

The return of Liz So!
BAWSE-y lady!
BAWSE-y lady!
BAWSE-y lady!
BAWSE-y lady!
Viv still getting after it.
How much is that baby hand-up?
Liz and Tiffany Landry put on a good show.

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