Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode 56: Divine Angle Podiums

After a potentially confusing attempt to make SOME sense of the post-Tour professional cycling landscape this week (including some racing and transfer news), we turn our attention to some local news. While Sir Cheerio stayed home and bonked on the club ride, T-Bone and Boedi took a road trip to Jackson for the LAMBRA Criterium and Road race championships. T-Bone got shelled in the crit, Boedi put in some solid VO2 max efforts behind the lens, and lots of people other than us won medals (including many good friends and teammates). The race podiums were backwards however – which happens a lot, we’ve noticed – so we close out the show by offering race promoters a “divinely” inspired way to guarantee their podiums are always set up correctly. Enjoy…

Keep Spinnin’

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