Yeah You Ride! Podcast Episode 50 – Froome wins the Giro?

My oh my, how things have changed from last week. We dive straightaway into the final week of the Giro d’Italia, wheezing our way through Chris Froome’s breathtaking comeback, and discussing it in light of the many yet unanswered questions stemming from the ongoing #puffergate scandal. We name some of our #GiroHeroes, and crown Sir Cheerio our local fantasy hero on the heels of his runaway win in our Velogames fantasy league. In other news, the Hammer Series returned this weekend, and there was a crit race in Winston Salem. This week we debut a new segment – “Can I Bring it On the Podium?”, before closing out the show with some local LAMBRA news from the Feliciana Road Race.

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