Yeah You Ride! Podcast Ep. 35 – The Smell of Fresh Cut Lumber

The gang reunites for the first full podcast of the year. Matt has prepped his pain cave for some epic Zwifting, T-Bone has been racing his actual bike on real outside roads, and Boedi has been busy cutting bike trails and dodging cops. We travel to the muddy hills of Nommay for World Cup CX, breeze through the already active early road cycling season, and offer a few piping hot takes on the Chris Froome salbutamol scandal. Back home, the road season got off to a “grinding” start in Ridgeland, giving Sir Cheerio a perfect opportunity to shame T-Bone for NOT borrowing his Jon Bon Jovis, and pass additional judgment on multiple other gravel tyre choices. Cross happened in Pensacola, and through the transitive powers of social media we now have 2 big name celebrity friends of the podcast!

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