Doogie Roux Does Tulsa

I passed through Tulsa once. I stopped by Soundpony, met some awesome people, had a few drinks, and heard all about Tulsa Tough, “a full cycling experience for racers, riders, and spectators”. What I heard was great, it excited me. I wanted to experience it. Immediately after this, I boarded my flight out and wondered if and when I’d ever return. This past weekend, I got my chance. I made the trek and dove right into the goodness of Tulsa.


Tulsa Tough teamed up with some real hotshots to make an incredible weekend. First, Red Bull. Their infamous Minidrome was brought into town and riders from the area, along with some out of towners like myself, battled on the world’s smallest velodrome! Awesome, just awesome. Then, Jeremy Powers. Yeah, the 3 time USA CX National Champion designed a course for the weekend’s race: Cyntergy Hurtland, “cyclocross re-imagined by Tulsa Tough”. This course was just amazing with its technical and fast, flowing sections scattered throughout.


I’m really appreciative of the good vibes and hospitality I was able to experience in the city of Tulsa and at these events. The locals, people from the surrounding areas, everyone, they were just great. I’m looking forward to returning for the crits in June. In the meantime, have a look at a few photos I manged to get in the midst of all the fun.

~ Doogie Roux

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