YYR Weekend Preview – October 10th-11th

Are you looking to race your bike this weekend? Good, because we have multiple events across different disciplines to fulfill your number-pinnin’, rubber burning urges.

First up we have TRACK RACING.
(Yes, there is track racing here, just a short jaunt down the I-10). The 2015 LAMBRA track championships are taking place this weekend. As race promoter Zach Byerly put it, ” You should come race track bikes because I guarantee you won’t get run over by a car.” Hey, that certainly is appealing!

Group on Bank

But what if you’re like, “DUDE, I heard #crossiscoming. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure #CXISNOW!!. I want to go wicked hawd in the dirt and braapp all over my friends!”. Don’t worry, you can:

Head west to Houston and you can participate in Local CX Grinder (HTXCX #2). More info and registration here. Texas racing can be good for you USAC rankings. If you’re looking to race at Nationals and want a decent call up, you’ll want to head west a few times this year.

Head north instead and race with the Alabama folks at Team Magic CX’s Oak Mountain Race. Reg here. Last time we did a Team Magic race, Wes got to pose with a goat. Also, I won a bag of Powerade that I’m still using to this day.

Photo by Tim Meredith


Keep up to date with regional-ish cross racing with our handy-dandy spreadsheet.

Yeah You Ride-


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