Bikes Giving Alleycat This Friday!


Listen up, all my little mash taters out there – this Friday, November 22, it’s time to get rad and flex your generosity muscle like a pro philanthropist. Bikes Giving, hosted by our chums at Nola Women on Bikes and Nola Social Ride, is a local Cranksgiving event. This alleycat style race will send racers around town on a veritable Gran Fondo of Groceries, collecting food bank donations from all corners.

Lead organizer Marin Tockman is stoked to be working on an event that can bring out riders of all different styles to race with a purpose. Because the mission is to feed the hungry, not cause cyclists to suffer, all checkpoints will be fairly straightforward, and the race very approachable for novices. While the overall winner must complete all checkpoints and finish their shopping list, there are bonus points for extra generosity, and more items can mean more chance of winning!

There is no registration fee, but racers will need $10-15 to purchase noms at various locations. A credit card will also suffice, but everybody knows cash is faster, duh. Clearly, this format also necessitates a bag and a lock. If you feel like doing the right thing and not being a major Scrooge, show up to Rusty Nail at 6:30 PM on Friday. The race will start at 7:30. At 9 partying will ensue with a 99% chance of tasty ‘za.

*Disclaimer: We will be racing cyclocross in Monroe, and unable to attend, but big ups to all who do. Donate extra for us!*

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